True Blue Technologies provides engineering technical support and contact for various characterization and remediation technologies in Canada and Western United States.

"True Blue Technologies earns customer and employee loyalty by making it easy for clients and staff to achieve their goals. With sales as the focus, we provide engineering technical support, training, and business development for technology leaders in the field of in-situ soil and groundwater characterization and remediation."

Groundwater Characterization Technologies

Groundwater Monitoring Equipment

  • Divers, Schlumberger's pressure, temperature and conductivity water level data loggers.

  • Westbay Instruments, Schlumberger's deep multi-level groundwater monitoring system. 


  • Waterloo Hydrogeologic, software for data management, analysis, modeling and interpretation. 


Groundwater Remediation Technologies 

Chlorinated Solvent Site Remediation

  • EDS-ER™ ,water mixable oil, for enhanced in situ bioremediation
  • EDS-QR™, fast-acting soluble substrate for enhance in situ bioremediation
  • Cometabolic bioremediation
  • Bioaugmentation cultures 

Petroleum Site Remediation

  • iSOC®, a device that infuses high levels of oxygen for in situ aerobic bioremediation
  • TersOx™, a proprietary formulation of food-grade, calcium hydroxide that produces a controlled-release of molecular oxygen for aerobic bioremediation
  • In situ chemical oxidation
  • Oxygen sparging-pulse injection systems
  • Surfactant enhanced aquifer remediation