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    Information on the Gas inFusion technologies developed by inVentures Technologies Incorporated.

  • iSOC®   ( 1 Article )

    iSOC®, in situ Submerged Oxygen Curtain, is an oxygen delivery technology that when suspended in existing monitoring wells infuses high levels of oxygen into groundwater. The proprietary structured polymer used in iSOC® contains hydrophobic microporous hollow fiber. These fibers provide approximately 7,000 square feet of interface area per cubic feet of fiber for the mass transfer of oxygen into groundwater.

  • Supersaturated Water Injection (SWI)   ( 1 Article )

    Supersaturated Water Injection (SWI) is an effective technology for Nonaqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) recovery. Carbon dioxide (CO2) supersaturated water injected into the subsurface results in the nucleation of CO2 bubbles at and away from the injection point. As the supersaturated liquid flows through the porous medium, gas evolution occurs in situ as the system returns to thermodynamic equilibrium. The nucleating bubbles coalesce, rise and volatilize residual NAPL ganglia.

  • gPRO®   ( 2 Articles )

    gPRO® is a gas delivery technology capable of infusing high amounts of dissolved gas into liquids under pressure.  The gPRO® system can be used to infuse gas (for example oxygen) into water in a tank which then can be injected into the aquifer; or infuse water that has been pumped out of an aquifer and treated ex-situ and then re-injected back into the aquifer; or retrofitted to a pump and treat system significantly shorten time to site closure.  Infusion is accomplished without additives such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone or other agents with potentially harmful side effects.