MicroBlowerMicroBlowerTargeting the “vadose zone” during remediation traditionally has been considered difficult.  The MicroBlower™ Passive Soil Vapor Extraction System by Tersus Environmental is a simple, cost-effective device with the potential to play a large role in the arsenal of tools for environmental remediation activities and is specifically designed for remediation of organic compounds in the vadose zone.

A growing trend in environmental remediation is the use of natural processes. These approaches are reducing the costs of cleanup and intruding less on the environment. The MicroBlower™ technology is an example of such an approach.

MicroBlower™ uses a small, low power vacuum blower to extract or inject gases into the subsurface for remediation. Because the components of the system have a long operating life, the system is useful for long-term cleanup operations, particularly where mass transfer limits the rate of remediation. MicroBlower™ is effective in targeting small source zones where conventional SVE is too excessive.

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